lunes, 4 de abril de 2011


Hello ...
at this moment I am doing a Errands  related to my act of degree, request my qualifications of baccalaureate and I am attending a graduate of marketing and sales on Saturdays

My Neighborhood

I live in The Pomona. My neighborhood is a calm place, there are trees, are sure and we have very good neighbors. Near our house there is a supermarket is called Miami. Also a drugstore and a gymnasium. Always to the rush hours 7:00am, 12:00 pm and 6:00pm there is a lot of traffic. The persons of my neighborhood are happy especially the weekends. My neighborhood is very nice and clean.


 At present the mode lives through a constant change so much in cloths as technologically, in decoration and styles of civil constructions.

 For example in technology in the last years they have gone out to the market infinity of articles that facilitate our lives.

 One of them is the telephone Blackberry. 
 That possesses between his functions connection to Internet, social networks, GPS, between others. 

For your part the brand Appel also is to the technological forefront with his telephone Iphone of tactile screen, as well as his computers and the popular Ipod.

If we speak fashionable as for dresses, footwears and                                                                accessories I must emphasize the presence of  the jeans ,

                         these mold the figure of the girls and 
give him a figur                                                                        stylized in addition they 
are practical for every occasion.

As for the footwears the high heels are
 imposed, they heighten the elegance of the women
and define better the contour of legs.


This one is my version of the facts:
 in the image  number 1 one sees a man who broke the law because  stole a bank and fled with the money.
 In the image number 2 one sees when the police catch it and arrests .
 In the image  number 3 the detective interrogates the supposed criminal and he says that it is innocent and that alone his cuartada is was happening for the place it was that it was going to the work in the moment of the assault, but the witnesses recognized it and enclosed it.

miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011


Maracaibo on fast food is requested, the
patacon, the hamburger, hot dogs are
 among the most requested dishes.

I like much the patacon is crunchy, salty, and very delicious.

also eat healthy, for example fruit juices, salads, vegetables.


pastiche is more delicious than the soup. French fries are very good are salty, crunchy.
my favorite food is definitely patacon umm

The people in my life

She´s my bets frends, she´s name is Brenda

She´s my girl valentina

My mother Maria

He`s my brother Kelvin


Hello, my name is Karina Torres. I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I have 29 years old. Study advertising at the University Rafael Belloso Chacin. I have a girl., She´s name is Valentina.  my favorite is thriller movies, cooking, and listening to music.
I only need to pass English 5 for graduation. after my graduation I would like to travel to Santa Marta, Colombia

to end a suggestion to live life without thinking what others think, remember, is one and must be enjoyed.